Deejay Dru, also known as Andrew Chandra, has  been involved in the dj scene for more then 20 years.   

Dedication burns strong each day in his studio as the music flows. With releases , of Total Madness 3, Best Of The Bay, West coast Kaindiaz, and more…under djs record label. His craftsmanship and his unique sound has gained both the attention and respect of the people who is in the music industry –you name it, they all support  Deejay Dru. 

Dru’s performances have already become legendary, he is in the club scene’s & private venues every time . With true devotion to his unique sound and dj skills, his fan base continues to grow globally. With performances in the US, Dru is cueing up party’s every weekend to go and share his passion with his crew team (R2MDJS)

With Dru’s skilled performances in majoring in making video remix ,remix,and the power of mixing flawless on turntables ,Dru also looks up to his mentors (Guru’s) Dj Neil and Dj Johnny boy Nissan these people taught Dru a knowledge ( Kowledge is the power to Money, but money can’t buy everything and knowledge will always continue). As Deejay Dru is  a resident of Modesto Ca, and is married and a father of two boys living his life to the fullest..Dru’s Modo is (Im not a fu** rock star im a legend)..  by Deejay Dru!!

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