Crew Members & Djs


Deejay Dru

 ( Since 1993′ Founder and Owner Of R2M DJs)


603974_585540224817084_1878546909_nDj Nikhill

(R2M’s Rookie Dj)  

216074_1016814829602_3686533_n Dj Neil

(Co Djs of R2M Team)

398595_190336534438576_1997658117_n Nitu Kumar

( Managing  Director Of R2M Djs)1958346_10103467545692531_1032087359_n

Reachhane a.k.a Nerdy

( Crew Support & Designer Team) 

408144_4300479444748_1128807843_n Dru Team206949_1040449946048_385911_n

Dj Reggie C.

(R2M’s Hip Hop dj & UnderMangement Team)255240_101035746711875_801141024_n

Dj Cali Kev

(Dj & C.E.O) of R2mdjs171480_487507554503_6196923_o Ravi Ram

(Co. Photographer & Dj of R2M)1381296_668366703182830_63471749_n Paul Ortiz

(CO. Photo Cinema & Video Team) 10177954_10152317811651014_3096733286498871437_n

Dj Roi

(Co. DJ & Software Engineering / Website design/ Promotions Team)

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